Creativity: Graphics tablet

I was going to draw this strip on paper, originally, because I knew it would take much longer on the computer. Then I remembered that one of my 101 goals is to use the graphics tablet more. (At least, I think it is! If not, it will better be after tonight with how long it took me to draw the following strip!)

It’s just as well I find it amusing 🙂

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Mission 101

Following is my list of goals for Mission 101. I’ve broken the goals up into categories, but may move them around later on to simplify them.

Goal-achieving started on 24th February 2010. My goal is to have each of the following goals completed by 21st November 2012.

plain text that looks like this = not yet started

text that looks like this = in progress

text that looks like this (with date) = completed


  1. Purchase three new tops for work.
  2. Tidy clothes shelves/wardrobe and discard clothing that is out-of-date, stretched, faded or that I will never wear again.
  3. Purchase new lamp for our bedroom, or swap with son’s lamp that never gets used(March 2010, took my son’s lamp in desperation)
  4. Return all DVDs in house to rightful locations/owners, and get rid of/discuss old videos with husband (done c. June 2010)
  5. Cull plastics cupboard considerably (done November 2010)
  6. Wash the loungeroom carpet (done, when we moved house, June 2010)
  7. Organise my desk once a month for three consecutive months (1/3 completed, Nov. 2010)


  1. Take a multivitamin every day for a month
  2. Determine whether antidepressants are still necessary and act upon determination (i.e. stop or continue taking them) (April 2010, determined that I do still need them, 110mg/daily is ideal dose)
  3. Give B1 her vitamin supplement every day for a month (and try to continue to remember after that)
  4. Get my teeth checked (and repaired if needed) and have them professionally cleaned
  5. Get a teeth guard to protect my teeth at night when I grind them
  6. Complete resistance workout and/or walk to work  three times a week, for a month
  7. Use a MoonCup or use other environmentally-friendly method for three complete menstrual cycles
  8. Have iron infusion done (completed mid-February 2010)
  9. Reach and maintain goal weight of 75 kg or less
  10. Develop and maintain pain management techniques for shoulders/neck – be free from significant pain for a month
  11. Get a bikini wax
  12. Take B1 and/or B2 for a walk once a week for a month
  13. Take B1 and/or B2 for a walk once a week for two consecutive months
  14. Successfully toilet-train B1
  15. Successfully toilet-train B2
  16. Go on five bush walks
  17. Develop new stretch routine for relaxation and post-workouts
  18. Don’t have McDonalds’ icecream in any form for one month (completed May 2010)
  19. Get laser acupuncture at least once to treat menstrual migraines
  20. Do pelvic floor exercises every day for a month


  1. For one month, enforce 15 mins of Reading Time every evening with B1 (increasing by 5 mins each year), in addition to her current bedtime story routine
  2. Make a story/stories (or picture book, at a young age) part of B2’s bedtime routine ( instituted 22/02/2010 – story, The Man started)
  3. Read a new book to B1 once a month for at least six months each year.
  4. Prepare and execute ten family picnics.
  5. Research possibility of Aspergers management/help through dietary changes
  6. send application form for B1’s funding (completed 8/2/2010)
  7. Camp with B1 in the backyard at least twice before Mission 101 ends.
  8. Keep the kids immunisations up-to-date (and get B1’s four-year-old one done!) (done c. 16/2/2010)


  1. Go on a date with The Man ten times before Mission 101 is complete, sans kids for a minimum of 90 mins each (1/6: 1st May to dinner)
  2. Give The Man a massage three times.
  3. Write The Man a love letter three times.
  4. Acquire three certain toys/accessories for The Man and I (1/3: February 2010)
  5. Have al fresco sex three times.
  6. Give The Man three compliments every day for a week and notice any changes in him


  1. Purchase land (completed 17/2/2010, settled late February 2010)
  2. Begin and finish building house on purchased land
  3. Finish paying off loan on the van
  4. With The Man, discuss and put in place some sort of weekly allowance/savings method for B1 (13/03/2010 – money box)


  1. Cook with five new herbs and/or spices
  2. Cook a loaf of bread or bread rolls from scratch
  3. Prepare 25 new recipes, 10 of which must be gluten-free (1/25 Carrot and rice loaf  -g/f 1/10)
  4. Cook something with B1’s help at least once a month (April 2010: sausage rolls, October 2010: sponge cake)
  5. Learn to make homemade low-fat icecream that has a nice texture
  6. Make six dishes and take to six separate church luncheons
  7. Use the waffle-maker three separate times


  1. Visit Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo
  2. Take B1 to see the Questacon in Canberra
  3. Have an overnight (at least)  trip to my parents’ house at least five times (1/5, June 2010)
  4. Have an overnight (at least) trip to a friend’s house at least once each year
  5. Visit five towns western towns/cities  (4/5: Oberon, Bathurst, Mudgee, Orange, 2010)
  6. Meet two online friends whom I’ve never met before


  1. Read at least 20 new novels
  • ‘Library of the Dead’ by Glenn Cooper – completed January 2010
  • “Expecting Adam” by Martha Beck – completed April 2010
  • “The MasterHarper of Pern”, Anne McCaffrey – completed June 2010
  • “Murder on the Ballarat Express”, tba, forgot author’s name – completed October 2010

2. Read at least six articles from published science journals on topics of my choosing
3. Get a twelve-month magazine subscription to a magazine I enjoy


  1. Draw three pictures on graphics tablet, and post in diary (1/3: April)
  2. Get the kids scrapbooks up-to-date
  3. Begin and complete a puzzle, minimum 500 pieces
  4. Complete three puzzles of 500 pieces or more
  5. Paint three paintings
  6. Go to a professional performance, whether it’s theatrical, vocal or orchestral (David Hobson, Yvonne Kenny, September 2010)
  7. Hang at least ten family framed family photos around our new house (when it’s built)
  8. Listen to three songs each by ten new musicians/composers (2/1o completed: Esthero; Mama Kin)
  9. Play my guitar at least twice a month for 6 months (non-consecutive), for a minimum of half an hour each time (3/6, February, April, November 2010)
  10. Spend two hours playing real-time strategy games, like Age of Conquerors, Age of Mythology or Empire Earth, on 15 separate occasions
  11. Create a photo DVD for family at least once a year, and post said DVD to family members.
  12. Buy a new book of guitar music
  13. Send a postcard to
  14. buy or receive as gifts at least three pairs of work shoes (not joggers) (1/3 completed: February 2010)
  15. get professional manicure – French Polish


  1. Attend a professional development seminar (Autism workshop, November 2010)
  2. Set up convenient and user-friendly office environment in the new house once it’s built
  3. Attend a teaching conference/seminar outside of the compulsory ones
  4. Set up Coordination systems at Campus Two (started February 2010)
  5. Train new coordinators at Campus Two (started 16/02/2010)
  6. Have 20 active clients on the system by June 30 (completed April 2010)
  7. Find a way to actively market ESOL classes to NESB members of the community
  8. Be on top of Progress Assessments at work at least once in 1001 days
  9. Gain tenure at work, whether it’s temporary or permanent


  1. Read a book of the Bible completely that I haven’t read before
  2. For at least one month, embark on an intensive journey of daily prayer
  3. Complete redecoration of foyer in church
  4. Design Welcome painting for church
  5. Begin and complete Welcome painting for church
  6. Begin and complete redecoration of the children’s room at church
  7. Attend church for each weekend for one month straight (with the exception of real illness or visiting family in other locations than our town)
  8. Read my Bible for 15 mins per day for a month
  9. Visit two churches in our denomination that I haven’t been to before (October 2010, Oberon)
  10. Organise two church social nights
  11. Give a sermon at church


  1. Volunteer for a community project at least once
  2. Give blood once per year
  3. Update my First Aid qualifications
  4. Get anaphylactic first aid training (i.e. training in the use of administering an epi-pen)
  5. Sponsor a child or make a donation of $50 (minimum) to a charity of our choosing (Signed up December 2010, to commence January 2011, through World Vision, 10yo Bangladeshi girl)
  6. Become a parent-reader or parent-helper at B1’s school on a regular basis (e.g. once a week or fortnight) for at least a school term

Goals started: January 1st 2010

Goal list completed: 23rd February 2010

Completing goals started: 24th February 2010

Goals to be completed by: 20th July 2012

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